The Mideast Coral Reef Society (MCRS)

The Mideast Coral Reef Society (MCRS) is an association of researchers and members of governmental, non-governmental, academic, industry and private sector organisations with an interest in a broad range of aspects of Middle Eastern reefs (ROPME Sea Area (RSA; Persian/Arabian Gulf), Sea of Oman, Gulf of Aden, and the Red Sea). The organisation promotes collaboration among researchers and knowledge exchange with stakeholders outside academia with the aim to generate a deep understanding of the functioning of these unique ecosystems and to promote their conservation and sustainable use. Read more about the mission of the MCRS Initiative.

MCRS Initiative is jointly hosted by the New York University Abu Dhabi and the University of Southampton and is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, UK.


MCRS Initiative promotes knowledge exchange with organisations outside academia that share an interest in regional reefs.


The newsletter of the MCRS Initiative will be circulated in 6 month intervals among subscribers.


Any interested person can subscribe to the MCRS Initiative email list to participate in discussions on topics that are of interest.


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