Areas of interest

Coral communities of the Middle East and its surrounding seas are the primary areas of interest of the MCRS Initiative. Also of interest are coral communities in extreme environments in the Mideast and elsewhere. The interest is focused on, but not limited to, coral reefs and their associated communities and includes biotic and abiotic factors affecting these communities.


The MCRS Initiative is supported by more than 50 representatives of high profile, international academic and non-academic organisations. The MCRS Initiative promotes collaboration among researchers and knowledge exchange with organisations outside academia that share an interest in regional reefs. Finally, MCRS Initiative is intended to facilitate the formal foundation of the MCRS as a self-sustaining organisation.

At present, any person interested in the MCRS Initiative can become a member and subscribe to participate in discussions and contribute to and receive the six-monthly newsletter.

During the initial stage, membership of the MCRS Initiative will be free of charge.